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The Spa at Lakeside is a place like no other. It is our deepest wish to share with our clients the scenic beauty and serenity that the Spa has to offer. We invite you to relax and feel the tranquility, soothe the soul, and nurture the body. The Spa is located on Lake Jackoline in Desert Shores. With 15 treatment rooms and the scenic Lake terrace, that accommodates up to 10 people, you can enjoy treatments with your friends and family. Our Therapists only use the finest products, such as the facial line Yonka, made with the purest, most active and most gentle ingredients to insure a great experience. So take advantage of the different specials that we always put out at the beginning of every month and also our early week special every Monday and Tuesday. Don't let time pass you by, you owe it to yourself to enjoy what The Spa at Lakeside has to offer.

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Las Vegas Salons: It’s all about Looking and Feeling Your Best

Why do we go to salons? The answer is to look and feel our best of course. Salons have come a long way over the last couple of decades where they were once simply a place women went to have their hair perfectly coiffed. Of course there are still salons that specialize in hair care, but today the term salon has come to mean so much more. Las Vegas salons not only offer beautiful hair but skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, tanning and even massages. Of course not every salon will offer all these services but depending on your personal needs it’s easy to find a salon that's a perfect fit.

Salons aren't just for women anymore either. A lot of men are now heading to salons in order to get the same personalized treatment for their hair, skin and nails. Today men realize that it's ok to openly take an interest in their appearance. It's not clear when the trend started but we can thank our European cousins for getting the American male headed in the right direction. Along with the traditional hair cut, men are also visiting Las Vegas salons for facials and manicures. This is especially true for men that work in office or public relation type jobs, where appearance can often play an important part and manicures are an absolute necessity. Men may also visit the salon for a massage or tanning session. The truth is that men are finding that they enjoy being treated special as much as women do.

Las Vegas Salons: Skin Care

Facials energize and renew the skin, while giving you time to relax. The procedure helps to remove dead skin cells also called exfoliation, revealing a glowing new skin underneath. A facial treatment involves cleansing, exfoliation, a facial massage to stimulate blood circulation, a mask specific to your skin type and application of toners. This is usually followed by some skin care advice for you to use between visits. There are herbal facials, aromatherapy facial, seaweed facial, sensitive skin facials and facials specifically designed for men. The types of facials available are almost limitless. A Las Vegas salons technician can tell you about the best facial treatment for your type of skin.

Las Vegas Salons: The perfectly coiffed Hair Styles

Of course you can still get the perfect cut or perm from your favorite Las Vegas salons. Whether you want curl, color, frost, straightening or extensions, it can all be yours. At one time salons were the domain of women and men would head off to the local barber shop for their regular hair cut. But men today cannot be satisfied with just a simple hair cut. They know that getting their hair styled to suit their features can do a lot to enhance their appearance.

When it comes to looking your best for a special occasion, an appointment with one of the best Las Vegas salons is in order. Often a bride-to-be will set up an appointment for her entire wedding party to have their hair done together at the same salon. This is a great pre-wedding occasion in itself. Just make certain you book the appointments well in advance so the salon can reserve a time slot for the entire group.

Las Vegas Salons: The Perfect Final Touch

What would all these beauty treatments be without the perfect makeup? Of course for everyday you’ll probably apply your own makeup but for those special occasions you really want the expert touch of professional makeup artists found at the top Las Vegas salons. They know how to enhance your best features and play down those you may not be so fond of. Whatever the occasion might be, an expert makeup artist understands the importance of skin and hair color when it comes to makeup. They know how to apply just the right look for a daytime event or an extravagant night out.

Professional Las Vegas salons are all about making you look and feel your best. They are no longer just a place where women go to sit under big bonnet dryers and catch up on the latest gossip. Salons cater to the entire woman. And men are now demanding their fair share of that same head to toe pampering. If you’re looking for glowing skin, the perfect manicure, or beautiful hair and makeup, it can all be yours. Take good care of yourself and let it show by visiting your favorite Las Vegas salons today.
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